The Wine Balloon

The Wine Balloon

Project Scope: The inventor of the Wine Balloon approached me about creating an identity and packaging for the product. I also assisted in the creation of all patent application documents as well as engineering drawings and initial renderings and illustrations. Once the product engineering was complete I art-directed the product photo shoot, created packaging, marketing materials and developed the web presence and e-store....Read More

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Scott's Bird Seed

Scott’s Bird Seed

Project Scope: Scott's Miracle Grow wanted to boost the presence of their winter bird feeding products (specifically suet cakes). These products are always merchandised in aisle with a variety of other brands so any branded added educational tools that could provide selection prompts were highly effective. This poster plus merchandising plan provided maximum impact for the Scott's product....Read More

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Wexner Center - Next @ Wex

Wexner Center – Next @ Wex

Project Scope: The Wexner Center hosts a wide variety of theater, dance, film and music events. Indie-rock and electronic music events are promoted under the event series “Next@Wex”. Over the 2 years that I worked with the organization I helped develop the identity and visual style of this popular series. Posters box posters, handouts, flyers, postcards, program notes and web promotions were created for these events....Read More

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Wexner Center - Event Posters

Wexner Center – Event Posters

Project Scope: The Wexner Center hosts a wide variety of theater, dance, film and music events. I created posters, handouts, flyers, postcards, program notes and web promotions for these events. I approached each of these projects as a unique design using photos and materials materials supplied by artists.    ...Read More

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Coltan Issue Infographics

Coltan Issue Infographics

This was a project from few years back. I just happened across the files again so I thought I'd showcase them here. It was a challenge to reduce the amount of information down while still telling the entire global story of how this mining practice effects living conditions and geopolitical pressures. The two boards are set up to show the macro and then the micro systems at work within the web of events and causes....Read More

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About Me

About Me

I am Mason Harding. I am a graphic designer. I strive to bring my graphic sensibility to all projects regardless of medium. Through my design journey I've worked in many disciplines and am always searching for new learning opportunities.... Read More