Bob Evan’s

Bob Evan's

Project Scope:

Bob Evans sought to create a restaurant prototype that would appeal to a younger generation of patrons while remaining agreeable to its current aging patronage. Working with a team of architects and environments designers, as the graphic designer on the team I created signage and developed a kit of parts for wall decor which bridged the generational gap and told the Bob Evans story in modern and sophisticated way.


One of the main motivations in the redesign of the interior was the zoning of space to provide different environments for different patron’s expectations. As far as a graphic realization of this impetus, the wall decor was divided into three zones, one showcasing “the land” one for “the brand” and one for “the man”. “The man” concept was realized with the use of a featured triptych which subtlety implied the essence of “the man” by focusing on a few iconic elements of Mr. Evan’s well known persona while avoiding the use of any direct portraits.

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